Looking for a collegial environment and great coworkers?  Xantrion may be the workplace for you.

With an average employee satisfaction rating of 8.9 out of 10, we strive to make Xantrion a place our team members want to be.  

See what employees say

“Xantrion is a great company to work for, has great managers and fantastic procedures in place for client sites. The employees are helpful and really great to work with. People are not adversarial, people do not avoid bad situations for fear of getting caught up with them or sharing the blame, and there is very little culture of "not my problem", everyone works really well together.“

 “I think Xantrion is an amazing place to work, and we keep that small company feel. Some of the greatest camaraderie I've had comes from Xantrion, and it feels great.”

“A great company, with a great bunch of folks that I enjoy seeing every time I come to work.” 

About our company

In 2000, Xantrion was founded by Anne Bisagno and Tom Snyder to bring world-class IT services to midsize organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Forward-thinking solutions, in-depth security expertise, and superior execution have made us one of the top 50 IT service providers.

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